Is the war between ISIS and the Shia really a proxy war between Saudi and Iran?


In short, everything that is happening in the region (i.e. Iraq) is a conflict between political Wahabism and the Shia Twelver school of thought. They (Iran and Saudi) enter this conflict by proxy and at times this occurs in a sister land and other times in a friendly land… It appears in Iraq where the conflict in 1980 began and which is also named as the (next battle of) Qadissiyah will be the place where the conflict ends with victory of one side over the other and I do not believe there is space for any truce or an end.

بإختصار تام , كل ما يحدث في المنطقة هو صراع بين الوهابية السياسية وبين المذهب الإثنا عشري الشيعي , وهذا الصراع يخاض بالوكالة وفي أرض شقيقة تارة وأرض صديقة تارة أخرى …ويبدو أن العراق التي بدأت الصراع في العام (1980) وأطلقت عليه لقب القادسية , ستنهي هذا الصراع بإنتصار طرف على الاخر ولا نظن أن هناك مجال للهدنة أو التوقف

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Date: 28th June 2014

Title: ISIS and Jordan… Who is ISIS? How did it emerge? How was it born? And how did it spread?

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 ما رأيك بما قاله المؤلف؟ هل الحرب بين داعش والمذهب الاثنا عشري في الحقيقة حرب بين السعودية وإيران؟

شاركوا بآراءكم

The reality of the Egyptian position on the Gaza war

It is a constant from the constants of Egyptian politics, since the unilateral withdrawal by Israel in 2005 and Hamas seizing control over the strip in 2007 that successive Egyptian governments have expressed their fear many times that an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and their blockade by air, sea and land on the strip, is just an attempt to export the burden of sustenance (then management) of the strip onto Egypt. All of this under the framework of Israeli efforts to clear themselves of the Palestinian issue.


هو ثابت من ثوابت السياسة المصرية منذ الانسحاب الأحادي من قبل إسرائيل في ٢٠٠٥، وبعد استيلاء «حماس» على القطاع في ٢٠٠٧، فالحكومات المصرية المتعاقبة طالما أعلنت خشيتها من أن يكون الانسحاب الإسرائيلي من غزة، وفرض الحصار جواً وبحراً وبراً على القطاع، محاولة لتصدير عبء إعاشة ـ ثم إدارة ـ القطاع إلى مصر في إطار مساعي إسرائيل لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية.

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Building a bridge!

Hello World!

I think this is a fitting introduction considering this is actually my first blog!

This Blog is all about bringing the views of the Arab people and presenting them to the world in the English language.

Why am I doing this? Well I’m not actually Arab myself but I have studied Arabic (MSA/Classical) for a number of years and I have lived in Egypt for over a year in particular during the second uprising which removed President Morsi from power. I was there witnessing the chaos that shrowded the country at the time and also the great tensions between the a people that were clearly divided.

I am not here to take sides but I want to bring issues like this and others to the forefront by translating parts or all of articles, videos and anything else which presents the different views of the Arab people to an English speaking audience.

Through this I want to create awareness especially within the west about the real views of Arabs and even the differences within themselves and hope this will create productive debate and understanding.

PS: Please also feel free to correct any translations you feel are incorrect and also tell me what the correct translation is in your view!

Everyday we learn something new