Trump is President, does DemocraZy always work?

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“…Trump as such doesn’t just pose a threat to American democracy but threatens the very foundations of the Democratic system itself.”

An American New York magazine has reported that the Global Times a Chinese state owned newspaper has published an article commenting on the clashes that have taken place recently in one of the encounters of American Businessman running for presidency for the Republican party, Donald Trump as evidence of the failure of the Democratic system.

The American magazine quoted the Chinese newspaper, along the lines that “Fist fights were common in emerging democracies; however, it has now appeared within American presidential elections” and that “despite western media likening Trump to Hitler, it must be remembered that Hitler was another who arrived by elections, which itself is a deep lesson for western democracy.”

The American magazine pointed out that Trump as such doesn’t just pose a threat to American democracy but threatens the very foundations of the Democratic system itself.


Editor’s/Translator’s comments:

This is what a Chinese newspaper said nearly a year ago, I wonder what they are thinking of American democracy now as Trump is president!?

However even more pertinent of a question, is Democracy that many hold so religiously really the best way to govern if it can let people like Trump, Mussolini and Hitler to power?

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قالت مجلة نيويورك الأمريكية إن صحيفة جلوب تايمز   للحكومة الصينية نشرت مقالا عن الاشتباكات التى وقعت مؤخرا في إحدي لقاءات رجل الأعمال الأمريكي دونالد ترامب الساعي للترشح في انتخابات الرئاسة عن الحزب الجمهوري كدليل على فشل النظام الديمقراطي.

ونقلت المجلة الأمريكية من الصحيفة الصينية مثل أن “التعارك بالأيدي كان شائعا في الدميقراطيات الناشئة ولكنه أصبح موجودا الأن في انتخابات الرئاسة الأمريكية”, وأن “رغم تشبيه وسائل الإعلام الغربية لترامب لهتلر إلا إنه يجب التذكر ببان هتلر جاء هو الأخر بالانتخابات وهو درس عميق للديمقراطية الغربية”.

ونوهت المجلة الأمريكية أن ترامب بذلك أصبح لايشكل تهديدا للديمقراطية الأمريكية فحسب ولكنه يهدد قواعد نظام الحكم الديمقراطي ذاته.


Article Translation

Title: China uses Trump as propaganda to prove the “failure of Democracy”

الصين تستخدم ترامب كدعاية لإثبات “فشل الديمقراطية


More information on source: Is a monthly magazine issued by Al-Ahram (Arabic: الأهرام‎‎; The Pyramids), which was founded on 5 August 1875, is the most widely circulating Egyptian daily newspaper

Author: N/A

Who is he/she?: N/A.

Date: 14th March 2016

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