Hello World!

I think this is a fitting introduction considering this is actually my first blog!

This Blog is all about bringing the views of the Arab people and presenting them to the world in the English language.

Why am I doing this? Well I’m not actually Arab myself but I have studied Arabic (MSA/Classical) for a number of years and I have lived in Egypt for over a year in particular during the second uprising which removed President Morsi from power. I was there witnessing the chaos that shrowded the country at the time and also the great tensions between the a people that were clearly divided.

I am not here to take sides but I want to bring issues like this and others to the forefront by translating parts or all of articles, videos and anything else which presents the different views of the Arab people to an English speaking audience.

Through this I want to create awareness especially within the west about the real views of Arabs and even the differences within themselves and hope this will create productive debate and understanding.

PS: Please also feel free to correct any translations you feel are incorrect and also tell me what the correct translation is in your view!

Everyday we learn something new

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