Who’s worse ISIS or Assad?

“…Numbers from the ‘Syrian Network For Human Rights’, their numbers are preserved by the United Nations, known with the United Nations and validated by the United Nations.

Who killed media activists in Syria?

It says exactly that:

ISIS have killed 3.7%.

The Syrian regime has killed 83.2%….”

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Syria screamed: Where are the Arabs? …Palestine laughed

Syria..Palestine laughed

Syria screamed: Where are the Arabs?

…Palestine laughed


How long have I yelled out and the world has not answered, nor Arabs or neighboring nations

Amongst them are those that worship rank

Amongst them are those that worship Kings and Sultans

Amongst them are those that loll out their tongues behind authority like rabids

Amongst them, their worries have become their Gods

And amongst them are those that follow the paths of the famous

Are you feeling pain now, Oh Syria?

Have you not seen the endurance of Palestine?

Have you not seen my contract of sale amongst the sellers?

Are you today calling the Arabs! Are you screaming!

How incredibly impossible for the buried to hear you

How incredibly impossible for the executioners to hear you

Be patient as “Indeed, Allah is with the patient.”

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What will Palestine look like in another decade?

My Palestine Image Amendment

“Israel still treats the occupied land in the West Bank as though it were an open field for economic exploitation, particularly in regards to the zone known as Area C which falls under full Israeli control according to the Oslo agreements and which comprises of over 60% of the West Bank.”

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Syria bound Saudi Fighter Jet delayed by traffic


Syrians have the right to direct their anger towards President Bashar al-Assad and his government, however it’s our view that the greatest anger must be directed to the countries and television stations which incited discord, overturned the facts, misled the Syrian people, called them to revolt, armed them and promised them the toppling of the regime within a few months. Then they abandoned them and stood watching as events unfolded in Aleppo, all the while possessing armies and the latest American planes. 

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Omran – The Syrian child under the rubble…

Twitter Comment 1


The world should keep silent when children sleep..

Not when they are dying!!

Twitter Comment 2


Omran under the rubble#

Quiet as the dead

Escaped from the rubble of death

Into the conscience of a dead world

No difference  between them!!

We seek refuge with Allah, there is no might or power except His


Article Translation

Title: Who is the Syrian child, Omran who escaped from under the rubble and what happened to him

من هو الطفل السوري عمران الذي خرج من تحت الركام وماذا حدث له

Source: www.misr5.com

More information on source: A comprehensive Egyptian gate for news and entertainment

Author: N/A

Who is he?: N/A.

Date: 18th August 2016

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Arab media revolt over Chilcot Report

John-Chilcot-the-Chairman-of-the-Iraq-Inquiry tony-blair-6

Article Extract 1:

Why is there so much uproar regarding the Chilcot report? What’s the benefit of it after the destruction and dwarfing of Iraq? What profit will regret and mercy bring over Saddam Hussein and his reign? And until when will we dis-continue our stupidity as Arabs to tear up our own nations and slaughter one another

We don’t understand the furore in the Arab and western media surrounding the report by the British Lord, John Chilcot regarding the war in Iraq in 2003. This report has come 7 years late and does not contain anything new that we didn’t know, what’s worse is that Iraq was exposed to conflict, occupation and the deaths of over a million Iraqis. It further sowed the seeds of an obnoxious sectarian division on its soil, changing order, destabilising its stability and making it into a failed state.

How does the apology of Tony Blair even benefit us, the criminal of the British war who led his country into war with his partner George Bush Junior and led by the incitement of the Zionist Jews. Also what use is condemning a war criminal over more than 4 million children orphaned and losing their fathers and mothers or the million Iraqi widows, most of whom widowed while in their youth.


About this article extract:

Title: Why is there so much uproar regarding the Chilcot report? What’s the benefit of it after the destruction and dwarfing of Iraq? What profit will regret and mercy bring over Saddam Hussein and his reign? And until when will we dis-continue our stupidity as Arabs to tear up our own nations and slaughter one another

Source: Rai al-Youm

More information on source: Arab world digital news and opinion website

Author: Abdel Bari Atwan

عبد الباري عطوان

Who is he?: Abdel Bari Atwan is editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm, an Arab world digital news website. He was also the editor-in-chief of the London-based Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi

Date: July 6th 2016

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المقال الأول

لماذا كل هذه الضجة حول تقرير شيلكوت عن العراق؟ وما الفائدة منه بعد تدمير العراق وتقزيمه؟ وماذا ينفع الندم والترحم على صدام حسين وعهده؟ وحتى متى نستمر في غبائنا كعرب ونمزق بلداننا ونذبح بعضنا البعض؟

لا نفهم هذه الضجة المثارة حاليا في الاعلامين العربي والغربي حول تقرير اللورد البريطاني جون شيلكون حول الحرب في العراق عام 2003، فهذا التقرير جاء متأخرا سبع سنوات، ولم يتضمن اي جديد لا نعرفه، والاخطر من ذلك ان العراق تعرض لغزو واحتلال، واستشهاد اكثر من مليون عراقي، وبذر بذور التقسيم الطائفي البغيض في تربته وتغيير نظامه، وزعزعة استقراره، وتحويله الى دولة فاشلة.

ماذا يفيدنا اعتذار توني بلير، مجرم الحرب البريطاني، الذي قاد بلاده الى الحرب مع شريكه جورج بوش الابن، بتحريض من اليهود الصهاينة؟ بل حتى ماذا تفيد ادانته كمجرم حرب لاكثر من اربعة ملايين طفل تيتموا وفقدوا آبائهم وامهاتهم، او مليون ارملة عراقية معظمهن ترملن وهن في عز الشباب؟


Article Extract 2:

The Chilcot report … And the destruction of Iraq

The Chilcot report in regards to the Iraq war has exposed a racist outlook which still governs the world in particular towards the two societies, Arab and Islamic. It regards them both as just numbers with no value except if they matter to the interests of the powerful who govern the world.

The report is composed of 12 chapters, 2 million and 260 words which in reality is less than the number of victims of this war, where it’s effects and victims continue to fall almost daily. This report would not have happened if it were not for 179 British deaths in comparison to the millions of Iraqis killed, wounded and dislodged. How cheap is the blood of Muslims in the world of the powerful!


About this article extract:

Title: The Chilcot report … And the destruction of Iraq

Source: Al Sharq

More information on source: Arabic and daily newspaper published in Doha

Author: N/A

Who is he?: N/A

Date: July 7th 2016

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المقال الثاني

شيلكوت”.. وتدمير العراق تقرير

رأي الشرق

أظهر تقرير شيلكوت حول حرب العراق، النظرة العنصرية التي مازالت تحكم العالم إزاء الأمتين العربية والإسلامية، واعتبارهما مجرد أرقام لا قيمة لها، إلا إذا تعلق الأمر بمصالح الأقوياء الذين يحكمون العالم.

التقرير المكون من 12 مجلدا ومليونين وستمائة كلمة، هي في الحقيقة أقل من عدد الضحايا بهذا الغزو، الذي ماتزال آثاره وضحاياه تسقط بشكل شبه يومي، هذا التقرير لم يتحرك إلا بسبب 179 قتيلا بريطانيا لقوا حتفهم، في مقابل ملايين العراقيين القتلى والجرحى والمشردين، فما أرخص دم المسلمين في عالم الأقوياء


Article Extract 3:

To those who celebrated the Chilcot report

Any man is able to pick out what he wants from a report the size of over a million and a half words. Issued by a British investigative body led by Sir Chilcot and taking approximately 7 years to complete.

However, this hefty report did not respond by condemnation of even one crime of the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. It did not even consider his decision to wage war in Iraq as illegal. Nor did it demand him to be held to account or be investigated. Rather worse than that, it actually absolved Blair for the first time from the prime allegation that he had lied to Parliament. The report mentioned that the former Prime Minister certainly moved based on the intelligence on chemical weapons available to him.


About this article extract:

Title: To those who celebrated the Chilcot report

Source: Al Arabiya

More information on source: Saudi-owned pan-Arab television news channel

Author: Abdulrahman Al Rashed

Who is he?: Former General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel. A veteran and internationally acclaimed journalist

Date: July 8th 2016

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المقال الثالث

للذين احتفلوا بتقرير «شيلكوت»

يستطيع المرء أن ينتقي ما يشاء من تقرير حجمه أكثر من مليون ونصف المليون كلمة، أصدرته لجنة التحقيق البريطانية التي يرأسها السير شيلكوت، واستغرق زهاء سبع سنوات.

لكن لم يرد في التقرير الضخم إدانة تجريم واحدة ضد رئيس الوزراء حينها توني بلير. ولم يعتبر قراره بشن الحرب على العراق غير قانوني. ولم يطالب بمحاسبته ولا بالتحقيق معه. بل أكثر من ذلك، برأ بلير لأول مرة من التهمة الرئيسية بأنه كذب على البرلمان. ذكر التقرير أن رئيس الوزراء الأسبق بالفعل نقل ما ورده من الاستخبارات عن أسلحة صدام الكيماوية.


REACTION to British decision to bomb Syria 3/12/2015

pic main 2

British News reactions

 “We must defeat fascists”

Source: The Independent


“لا بد لنا أن نهزم الفاشيين”

المصدر: الصحيفة البريطانية –

The Independent

“We are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculating brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in the chamber tonight, and the people we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.”

“The voice of defiance”

Source: The Daily Telegraph


“نحن نواجه الفاشيين. ليس فقط وحشيتهم المحسوبة بل إيمانهم بأنهم أفضل من كل شخص منا في هذه القاعة في هذه الليلة وكل الناس الذين نمثلهم. إنهم يفكرون في قيمنا باحتقار, ويفكرون في إيماننا في التسامح و الآداب باحتقار, ويفكرون في ديمقراطيتنا باحتقار. وكلما نعلم عن الفاشيين أن يجب عليهم أن يصاب بالهزيمة. نحن الآن يجب علينا أن نتصدى لهذا الشر.”

الظل وزير الخارجية هيلاري بن     

“صوت التحدي”

المصدر: الصحيفة البريطانية –

The Daily Telegraph

“PM wins huge backing for war”

Source: The Times


رئيس الوزراء نجح في الحصول على دعم هائل للحرب”

المصدر: الصحيفة البريطانية –

The Times

Arab News reactions

In their first strikes in Syria.. #Britain strikes Daesh’s oil

Parliament grants permission for strikes in Syria after a discussion lasting 10 hours. 

Source: Al Arabiya

Link: HERE

Original Arabic:

في أولى ضرباتها بسوريا    بريطانيا تقصف نفط داعش

البرلمان أجاز الأربعاء شن غارات بسوريا بعد نقاش دام أكثر من 10 ساعات


المصدر: العربية

After Parliament’s approval…  British fighters target oil fields under Daesh in Syria

Source: Al Arabiya

Link: HERE

Original Arabic:

بعد موافقة البرلمان.. مقاتلات بريطانية تستهدف حقول نفط خاضعة لـ “داعش” في سوريا


RT Arabic

Saudi backs the British military participation in the fight against Daesh

Source: Erem News

Link: HERE

Original Arabic:

السعودية تؤيد مشاركة بريطانيا عسكريا في محاربة داعش

المصدر: إرم

Syria doomed to never ending chaos?


Intertwining scenarios:

The future of Syria after the crisis

Dr Mu’taz Salamah


He specifies 4 possible scenarios for the future of Syria, they are:

  1. A nationalistic civil state on the Tunisian model
  2. A sectarian state under constant siege on the Iraqi model
  3. A state with factions clashing with one another
  4. Or a Jihadi Salafi Ikhwani state

However, he does stress that these different scenarios don’t represent substitutes to one another and it’s certainly possible that Syria could see these (scenarios) in different periods, because all of them are strong possibilities which are present in the state of affairs in the country at the moment.


About the writer:

President of the Gulf Union at al Ahraam Centre for Political and Strategic Studies



سيناريوهات متقاطعة:

مستقبـل ســـــــوريا بعد الأزمــــــــة د. معتز سلامة

يحدد أربعة سيناريوهات محتملة لمستقبل الوضع السوري، وهي: دولة وطنية مدنية على النموذج التونسي، أو دولة محاصصة طائفية على النموذج العراقي، أو دولة الطوائف المتصارعة، أو دولة جهادية سلفية إخوانية.

ولكنه يؤكد على أن هذه السيناريوهات المختلفة لا تمثل بدائل لبعضها، وإنما يمكن أن تشهدها سورية على فترات مختلفة، لأن الواقع السوري تتوافر به احتمالات قوية لكل منها.

تعريف الكاتب:

رئيس وحدة الخليج بمركز الأهرام للدراسات السياسية والاستراتيجية.

Article Translation


Title: Syria after crisis?

Source: siyassa.org

More information on source: Technical Journal/Magazine

Author: Dr Mu’taz Salamah

د. معتز سلامة

Who is he? : President of the Gulf Union at al Ahraam Centre for Political and Strategic Studies

رئيس وحدة الخليج بمركز الأهرام للدراسات السياسية والاستراتيجية.

Date: N/A

Link to original article: Click here


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Achieving American goals with Russian muscle in Syria

Obama & Putin


A thinker from the American institute RAND wrote that for over half a century: “The goals of our enemy don’t necessarily contradict our own goals”.

What we see today from the Russian intervention in Syria is just the achievement of American goals with Russian muscle.

The American’s inheritance of the experience gained from European colonialism of the region and their familiarity of her interior dimensions means they are far more aware than the Russians in the strategic games being played in Syria. It’s not a secret the Americans are over joyous with the Russian intervention as it will wipe the arrogance of the face of Putin…..

The Arabian Peninsula according to America’s view is that it is overflowing with humanity and Islamic religiosity that needs to be reduced by any means necessary. The Syrian revolution is just one foundry to drain away all the undesired factions from it, including their enemies and even their “allies”: i.e. from Salafi Sunni Jihadism to the Shia militias, from Iran to Turkey and from the Gulf states to Russia. Even though Russia was once outside this drainage hole.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that America’s crime against the rights of the Syrians is not less of an atrocity than Russia’s crime, because America themselves prevented weapons that could turn the tide (to be supplied to the Syrians) and to therefore secure a safe region. Hence they killed off the revolution, which then turned into an open massacre.



كتب أحد منظري مؤسسة (راند) الأميركية منذ أكثر من نصف قرن: “إن أهدافنا ليست مناقضة لأهداف عدوِّنا.” وما نراه اليوم من تدخل روسي في سوريا هو تحقيق لأهداف أميركية بعضلات روسية. فالأميركيون بما ورِثوه من خبرات الاستعمار الأوربي للمنطقة، وباطِّلاعهم على دواخلها، أوعى من الروس باللعبة الاستراتيجية في سوريا. وليس سرا أن الأميركيين مسرورون بالتدخل الروسي، ويرونه فرصة للكفكفة من عنجهية بوتين….

فالمنطقة العربية -من وجهة النظر الأميركية- فيها فائض من البشر وفائض من التدين الإسلامي يجب تقليصه بأي وسيلة. والثورة السورية مَصْهرةٌ معينة على استنزاف كل الأطراف غير المرغوب فيها من الأعداء و”الحلفاء”: من السلفية الجهادية السنية إلى الميليشيات الشيعية، ومن إيران إلى تركيا، ومن دول الخليج إلى روسيا. لكن روسيا كانت خارج دائرة هذا الاستنزاف. وليس من المبالغة القول إن جريمة أميركا في حق السوريين لا تقل فظاعة عن جريمة روسيا، لأن أميركا هي التي منعتهم السلاح النوعي والمنطقة الآمنة، فقضت على ثورتهم بالتحول مذبحة مفتوحة.


Article Translation

Title: Russian intervention in Syria…. Serves who?

Source: Al Jazeera

More information on source: Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar.

Author: Mohammed Muhktar Al-Shinqeeti

محمد المختار الشنقيطي

Who is he? : Mauritian Political Analyst & Researcher

باحث ومحلل سياسي موريتاني

Date: 6th October 2015

Link to original article: Click Here


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