Syria screamed: Where are the Arabs? …Palestine laughed

Syria..Palestine laughed

Syria screamed: Where are the Arabs?

…Palestine laughed


How long have I yelled out and the world has not answered, nor Arabs or neighboring nations

Amongst them are those that worship rank

Amongst them are those that worship Kings and Sultans

Amongst them are those that loll out their tongues behind authority like rabids

Amongst them, their worries have become their Gods

And amongst them are those that follow the paths of the famous

Are you feeling pain now, Oh Syria?

Have you not seen the endurance of Palestine?

Have you not seen my contract of sale amongst the sellers?

Are you today calling the Arabs! Are you screaming!

How incredibly impossible for the buried to hear you

How incredibly impossible for the executioners to hear you

Be patient as “Indeed, Allah is with the patient.”

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What will Palestine look like in another decade?

My Palestine Image Amendment

“Israel still treats the occupied land in the West Bank as though it were an open field for economic exploitation, particularly in regards to the zone known as Area C which falls under full Israeli control according to the Oslo agreements and which comprises of over 60% of the West Bank.”

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The reality of the Egyptian position on the Gaza war

It is a constant from the constants of Egyptian politics, since the unilateral withdrawal by Israel in 2005 and Hamas seizing control over the strip in 2007 that successive Egyptian governments have expressed their fear many times that an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and their blockade by air, sea and land on the strip, is just an attempt to export the burden of sustenance (then management) of the strip onto Egypt. All of this under the framework of Israeli efforts to clear themselves of the Palestinian issue.


هو ثابت من ثوابت السياسة المصرية منذ الانسحاب الأحادي من قبل إسرائيل في ٢٠٠٥، وبعد استيلاء «حماس» على القطاع في ٢٠٠٧، فالحكومات المصرية المتعاقبة طالما أعلنت خشيتها من أن يكون الانسحاب الإسرائيلي من غزة، وفرض الحصار جواً وبحراً وبراً على القطاع، محاولة لتصدير عبء إعاشة ـ ثم إدارة ـ القطاع إلى مصر في إطار مساعي إسرائيل لتصفية القضية الفلسطينية.

Source: Al Hayat (Life) Author: Amr Aadili Date: 7th August 2014 Link to original article: FULL TRANSLATION OF THE ARTICLE TO FOLLOW Please leave your comments on the above!