Muslims rebuked for terrorism, overlooked when doing good – Grenfell Tower fire

Grenfell Main Pick

…A British woman sitting on a London street denounces the accusations against Muslims of committing terrorism. She said, “They want to talk about them when they do wrong and all these kind of things, when they do good, they were the first people with bags of water giving to people and helping people, running and telling people!”…

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Where’s the French police “Burkinis”!… No just nuns it’s ok


Twitter quote:

“When the Burkini becomes Christian it will be legal on the beaches of France. What bigoted times”


عندما يكون # البوركيني

مسيحيا يصبح مسموحا به على

شواطئ # فرنسا

ويا زمان #الطائفية

Article Translation

Title: Twitter tweet

Source: Twitter

Author: Rabih S Haddad

ربيع حداد

Who is he?: Assistant Secretary-General for stream of Sunnis in Lebanon

Date: 19th August 2016

Link: Click here

  ما رأيك؟ علق في التحت من فضلك

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