Syria bound Saudi Fighter Jet delayed by traffic


Syrians have the right to direct their anger towards President Bashar al-Assad and his government, however it’s our view that the greatest anger must be directed to the countries and television stations which incited discord, overturned the facts, misled the Syrian people, called them to revolt, armed them and promised them the toppling of the regime within a few months. Then they abandoned them and stood watching as events unfolded in Aleppo, all the while possessing armies and the latest American planes. 

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Who is to blame for drowning the Syrian boy Aylan?

Syrian Boy Combined

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Who knows, perhaps the (Syrian) child Aylan will re-shock the mind and the world’s conscience. Jolting her back to life and enable her to work to find a ‘true’ solution to the Syrian catastrophe. If not out of moral embarrassment or a humanistic motive, at the very least out of the ‘international’ consequences of neglecting the Syrian crisis, which gave rise to ISIS, the monster of the current century and the swarms of human Syrian migrants travelling to Europe.

Sometimes a picture alone dispenses of many words…..

The prime cause of this tragedy is the lack of determination by the American administration from the very beginning and their lack of listening and ‘real’ cooperation with the countries, which wanted an end to this tragedy early while they warned them of the consequences and now they (Americans) are talking about the failure ‘of the world’!

This is a failure of the west, altogether and of the obstinate allies of the Assad Regime in Moscow and Tehran.

This is the reality.


من يدري، ربما تعيد صدمة الطفل إيلان، للعقل، وقبله الضمير العالمي، رعشة حياة وهبة عمل، لحل «حقيقي» للكارثة السورية، إن لم يكن ذلك بسبب الحرج الأخلاقي، والدافع الإنساني، فعلى الأقل بسبب تبعات إهمال الكارثة السورية، ومن تلك التبعات «العالمية» ظهور «داعش» السوداء، وحش القرن الحالي، وانثيال أمواج الهجرة البشرية السورية إلى أوروبا.

…..الصورة تغني أحيانا عن الكثير من الكلام

هذه المأساة سببها الأول، عدم «حزم» الإدارة الأميركية من البداية. عدم الإصغاء والتعاون «الحقيقي» مع الدول التي كانت تريد إنهاء هذه المسألة مبكرا، وكانت تحذر بوضوح من هذه المآلات.. والآن يتحدثون عن إخفاق «العالم»!

هو إخفاق الغرب جملة، مع جموح حلفاء النظام الأسدي، في موسكو وطهران.

هذا هو الحال

Article Translation

Title: Two pictures, Syria and Vietnam

Source: Al Arabiya

Author: Mushari Al Zayidi

Who is he? : Writer of Saudi political opinion (Source:  Here)

Date: 4th September 2015

Link to original article: Here

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#Drowning of the Syrian child

The betrayal of the Arab rulers is the cause of all the problems… beginning with the bloodthirsty criminal Bashar and ending with some of the puppets from amongst the lackeys of the Zionists.



خيانة الحكام العرب سبب كل البلاء ..بداية من السفاح المجرم بشار ونهاية ببعض الدمي من أذناب الصهاينة

Twitter Comment Translation

Source: Twitter

Author: Haytham Abu Khalil

Who is he? : Human rights activist and Director of the Dahaya Human Rights Centre (Egypt) (Source: Here  )

Date: 2nd September 2015

Link to original article: Here


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